1. Sorting principle

-. System: Binary System

-. Alignment principle: spillover,

Sort left to right.

-. Code: Sort by code, not by person.

-. Account: Only one account is allowed for one person (many accounts are not accepted).

-. New Code: For each $ 2,000 you earn, a new code is generated and placed in the nearest empty space under your control.

-. Code Maintenance: Those who earn 5,000 $ will earn 10% of their code at midnight on the last day of each month.

-. Earn Shopping Points: A person who earns $ 5,000 will earn 10% as Shopping Points and use them to purchase products at global shopping malls.

2. Binary System
3. Alignment example 1

According to the sales registration order, the code of the new registrant is placed under the recommender..

4. Alignment example 2

The new code generated every month is placed under the main code of the user.

5. 165 $ Usage!

* 5,000 points (5 USD) is a nominal fee for the system

* 40,000 points (40 USD) is used as a direct bonus (recommended bonus).

* 40,000 points (40 USD) will be used as an indirect bonus.

* 40,000 points (40 USD) are used for marketing expenses such as promotions and advertisements.

* 40,000 points (40 USD) are used for the cost of solution development, system maintenance, and development.

* In particular, by earning 10 USD of marketing costs, Donate to social and economically disadvantaged and organizations.

6. Payment Method!

1. The code generation value for registration is 40,000 points (40 USD).

2. When one code is registered, 2 $ s will be distributed to the top 20 levels. In other words, one code will receive 2 $ from the code registered in the lower 20 levels, and will receive approximately 4,000,000,000 points (4,000,000 USD) as an indirect bonus.

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