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1. Purpose of issuing KEL Coin

The "165founding Club" is a system for automatically making riches and solutions. We aim for an established economic community to promote economic freedom for all our members.


The world has a myriad of languages, different cultures, and different currencies for living. The value is as different as the other.


We intend to use KEL Coin as a means to replace the function of the same currency in abolishing discrimination and forming a community when members met in a global environment.


The members of the "165founding Club" seek to gain economic freedom and to promote the eco-friendly movement of loving the earth, preserving the environment, and loving people.


It is no longer acceptable to destroy the environment for development. Therefore, eco-friendly development should be made and eco-friendly products should be made and distributed.


We need to transform the limestone fuel-based energy system into an eco-friendly energy system, develop eco-friendly farming methods to secure food to eat with confidence, and make all the tools we use every day environmentally friendly.


"165founding Club" members should take the lead in all of this.

2. KEL Coin 

1. Name of the coin


a) This coin is "K_Gold ECO Love Coin".

b) Coin name: KEL-Coin (K_Gold ECO Love Coin)

c) Symbol of Coin: KEL

2. Coin issuance information


♠ Company: RESVERANET Co., LTD

Country: Hong Kong

Corporation registration number: 2013-1999236


♠ First issue: 1,000,000,000 KEL-Coin (KEL)

Recruitment Assets: BTC, ETH, USDT, USD

Issued November 2018


♠ Secondary issue: 10,000,000,000 KEL-CoinCo (KEL)

Recruitment Assets: BTC, ETH, USDT, USD

Published Date: January 2020


♠ Total Issue Volume: 11,000,000,000 KEL-Coin (KEL)

(Can be changed later)


♠ Exchange listing: June 30, 2020.

-. List Price: 1 USD = 1 KEL-Coin

♠ Where to use KEL_Coin

-. Participate in investment building, new technology development, production

3. Privileges for Members

For members of the "165founding Club":

Special offer.


1. We will sell KEL Coin Card.

In the future, we will provide you with a voucher for the transportation card function, various tickets, and purchase cards.


2. We will sell KEL-Coin and KGE_Coin.

When selling coins, a certain sales fee is paid.


3. In the future, we will be authorized to open a business when recruiting franchise agents.

4. KEL Coin Card

"165founding Club" introduces a prepaid card system. In partnership with Visa or Mastercard "KEL

Coin Card "is issued.


Visa cards account for 60% of the world's merchants and MasterCard accounts for 30% of the world's merchants.


The "KEL Coin Card" will expand its capabilities to use KEL Coin and BTC, ETH and USDT.

Payments can be made using the "KEL Coin Card" in all areas where payment can be made with Visa and MasterCard.


It also builds a system to withdraw cash from ATMs.

5. Where to use KEL Coin Card

a) global shopping mall

Community members can purchase products with KEL Coin at the Global Internet Shopping Mall operated by "165founding Club". When you buy a product with KEL Coin, you can buy it at a special discount of 5 to 20%.


b) purchase of expensive goods (or joint purchases);

You will receive bonuses and shopping points

Withdrawal from KEL-Coin (KEL) allows you to purchase gold, apartments, cars, recreational boats and private drones. In addition, through joint purchase, you can purchase products and items that you need at a low price.


c) used for all kinds of travel, viewing, etc.

It can be used for transportation, airline tickets, hotel expenses, etc. on all trips such as regular trips, cruises and train trips. In addition, purchase tickets for movies, performances, museums, art galleries, amusement parks, etc., as well as merchandise can be purchased using KEL-Coin (KEL) at marts, traditional markets and department stores.


d) in the new technology business selected by the "165founding Club"

By investing KEL-Coin (KEL), you can accumulate more wealth. In particular, we will invest in developing eco-friendly energy systems, building mass production systems, and fostering new technologies.

6. Apply for KEL Coin Card
Apply for KEL Coin Card

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