Special feature of marketing
1. Only once in your life!

Only once in your life!

Only 165 $ is required.
It is the cost of buying a kit for your business.

With a very small cost, the website for promotional use and the shopping mall are sold,
Game contents (in preparation) can be used.

It's only 165 $!
No additional investment is required.

2. Very fast speed

The MLM business or the network marketing business is to foster a sales organization. The key to success is how quickly you can build strong organizational power.


One of the characteristics of this marketing is very fast marketing that makes $ 4,000,000 in the shortest time (5 months) because it can participate in a small amount and explosively many people.


That is why

This marketing is a fantastic dream marketing plan.

3. First Poor, After Rich!

In terms of income,

Poor at first, and later, a rich marketing plan.


This marketing plan

It's not like thousands of dollars, like tens of thousands of marketing. Sign up for as little as $ 165 and invest only once in a lifetime

Initial bonus collection may be small.



If you try all the rules together,

You should know that in five months you will complete a level 20, earn $ 4,000,000, and then generate $ 4,000,000 for every $ 2,000 you earn.



4. Considerate marketing!

This is a considerate marketing plan that helps late registered members.


In the MLM business, even if the contents of the business are good and the items are good, if a member joins as a member late, it is difficult to form an organization due to lack of infrastructure, so people are hesitant to register as members.


However, the feature of this marketing plan is that if all registered members earn 2,000 dollars, they generate one code and place it below them. It is supposed to be.


This is the most powerful feature of this marketing plan.

5. Same condition same benefit!

All members have the same rights and benefits.

The marketing feature is that every member only needs to pay $ 165 to purchase the kit.


There is no expensive code that only people with a lot of money can join, and they don't have to make multiple accounts because they have a lot of money. Everywhere in the world, the rich and the poor, everyone starts from the same conditions. You must experience the gap between the rich and the poor, and you do not have to do business with a sense of discrimination.


Everyone starts on the same conditions, and the difference in income is determined only through their own promotional efforts.

**Spread of Donation Culture**

"EPAYVN" (EPAYVN Co., LTD) and "165founding Club" (RESVERANET Co., LTD) have adopted the culture of sharing culture as the basis of marketing to care for the underprivileged and the economically underprivileged.

1. Whenever 1 ID is registered, donate 10 USD separately and donate to socially disadvantaged.

2. Code Sharing Campaign: Members receiving large allowances can distribute codes generated for each $ 2,000 allowance to organizations with economic disabilities, orphanages, and senior citizens.

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