challenge! Earn 4,000,000 $!

1. Rule!

1. Register for membership at 165founding®Club (

You provide the person who gave you the information (recommended) with the information necessary to register and register as a member. You will also send USD 165 $ (or $ 165 in your local currency) to your sponsor for the content purchase, and register for revenue of 165,000p.

Now I put the flag of the founding.

(USD 1 $ = 1,000 POINT)


2. (Required): Two members are recommended within one week.

The rule is to recommend two members to join the business by investing $ 165 within a week.

Five months later, about $ 4,000,000 is spent on level 20.

Will earn.


3. (optional): One person is recommended every month until level 20 is completed. It doesn't matter if you don't. However, it is optional, but recommending one person at the second, third, and fourth months will speed up the completion of level 20.


4. Don't play multi-account games. This causes the tissue to stagnate. If you don't, there's no reason to play a multi-account game because you get a new code for every $ 2,000 you earn.

2. 20 weeks 20 levels

Note: The figure above is based on the assumption that all registered members will recommend 2 people within a week. That would make you $ 4,000,000 in five months.

Depending on individual efforts, two people can be recommended in two weeks, or two in a month, and one person can recommend 10, 20, or 50 people. Note that this is an example of the number of cases.

Remember, this is not sorted by humans, but by code, and every time you earn 2,000 $ for your own code, one is automatically generated and sorted on the line.

3. Work with a joyful heart!

You set a goal to earn $ 4,000,000 in five months. $ 4,000,000 is not less money. To earn this money, you need to select good items, prepare a store or office, register a business with the IRS, hire employees, advertise, and make a lot of effort. Yet it is very difficult to make this much money. Many people challenge and fail, and many lose their business investment.


However, joining the club costs only 165 USD. You also invested 165 USD to join this club. And all you have to do is recommend two people like you who want to make money.


Everyone in the world knows you have to invest a lot to make big money, but you have the secret to make big money with this little money. Let's share this good luck with you to those around you! It is very pleasant and rewarding to get rich not only for you but for those around you!


By the way, each time you recommend one person, you get 40,000 POINTS ($ 40) as a “recommended bonus”. If you register one person each day, you make $ 40 a day.


Therefore, if you understand this marketing, you are going to recommend a lot. 10, 20, 50 people, this much recommendation will make the organization very fast and smooth.

4. Dream comes true!

Give you the most reasonable way.

Only once in a lifetime. Invest only $ 165!

And recommend only 2 members!


Recommend 2 members within a week for each registered member. 20 weeks will complete 20 levels.

Recommend 2 members within 2 weeks for each registered member, and 40 weeks will complete 20 levels.

If two registered members are recommended within one month, 20 levels will be completed in 20 months.

When 20 levels are completed, you will earn over $ 4,000,000.


One thing to note is that it is important to get rid of the negative thought that "you can't make level 20" Let's get rid of all the stereotypes of traditional network marketing!


Is it possible for you to recommend two people? 2 People who are not confident to recommend are not qualified to make money. Such a person should not do this work. Bringing the identity of the organization and ruining others.

If you can recommend two or more people, you can trust others as you can. At some point, level 20 is complete.


And it is important to know that this work is not done by filling 20 levels with people, but by being filled with code.

You've recommended two people, and each time you get $ 2,000, your code is automatically generated one by one, which will be faster if you fill in the gaps below. Then, completing level 20 can be completed much faster than you might expect.


How easy and reasonable this is,

How fantastic is this!


Your dreams come true!

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